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Home made War Bungee for FAST Helmet

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So after looking at the War Bungee for a while and deciding I wanted one on my helmet but not wanting to pay $30 plus whatever shipping would be I decided to make my own out of bits I had laying around.


First off I needed to sew up a few loops from an old strap




Easy enough, but not to the same standard as the original as I used nylon thread not Kevlar


Then using some 3mm bungee cord and a cord lock I test fitted it.






Finally a trim




The Tan tape has now been replaced with some heat shrink tube giving it a much better look.


If I had to buy all the bits new, I think this would have cost me about £3-5 depending on source and quantity. The only bit missing from the orginial is the web dominator (a plastic locking device) but for the look and to hold some basic items this seems to do fine, in fact I have made another for a team mate !!


Anyway comments welcome.

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