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galil acquisition

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Hello. I'm a new airsoft player and I just wanted to get a second opinion from people from another EU country about an item I want to purchase.

The replica I want to buy is a Kings arms Galil AR, second hand. From the looks of it, it has been used quite a bit and customized quite a bit more. Since I'm new, the customizations don't mean much to me, but an experienced airsofter probably understands them better.

Pictures: https://plus.google.com/photos/115034684827486593519/albums/5850350055948456737?authkey=CJv_tcKWuNnN4gE

The sellers comments:

ext : (exterior)

battery lid replaced with an ak one (the original one was moving), the paint has started to wear off
ICS selector, the original one was pain.gif
flash hider ak because the barrel is 550 mm long
handguard polimer and wood included in the price

int : (interior)
blowback canceled (was big pain.gif)
gear Guarder hi-torque
Lonex trigger silver wire
Guarder b-up cilindre

b-up cillindre head silent Guarder metal double o-ring
b-up nozzle metal
b-up piston head silent Guarder
spring guide b.bearing Guarder
M130 Madbull spring
piston SHS full metal teeth
Hi-torque Guarder engine
original hop unit with Madbull blue
inner Guarder 6,02/550mm

6 mags midcap 120 bb's

Price: 268 euros.

I translated the modifications as best as I could, without knowing what they actually mean.

The seller used it in Sweden most probably, so it may have seen use mostly in cold environments.

What do you guys think about the weapon and the price? the seller is a gunsmith, and I'll be going at his house to see the weapon myself tomorrow. I was initially considering buying an ak74, but he offered me this weapon which is based on one.

Is it worth 268 euros ? ~ 350$

Looking forward to your replies,


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