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Liam Porter

Few questions about the G&P M14 from WGC Shop

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I've been tempted by this for a long while now, and for some reason, I keep thinking they'll be discontinued or stopped being stocked soon.

At $210 on WGC Shop, it's pretty cheap if you ask me.

From reviews etc. it is completely compatible with the Tokyo Marui M14, and it seems to just be a better, cheaper version of the TM M14.


Few questions now though:

- From WGC Shop, it's shooting at 380-400 FPS, will this prevent it getting through customs, as it has a full auto option?

- What gearbox/motor upgrades would be needed to get it shooting reliably at 500 FPS (local site DMR limit)?

- Why is it so much cheaper than a TM M14? It seems better in almost every way, higher FPS, comes with the prototype body kit, has 7mm bearing gearbox, will have the external quality of G&P.

- And finally, more of a question about WGC Shop/Customs, what about the trademarks? It has realistic trademarks on it, and I've read that WGC remove them to prevent the gun being ceased at customs? But then also read that they can put tape or putty over them to hide from customs. Do customs actually check guns for trademarks and cease them if they have realistic ones?


I think that's all, thanks.


EDIT: Forgot to ask, anyone know of a place that has it in stock in the UK?

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