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first sniper

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ive been into airsoft for a little while now and have been interested in getting a bolt action rifle.

as im new i dont realy know whatto look for.

my budget is around £150 with a scope bipod optional, i have had a look around but mostof the two tone snipers are out of stock apart from a few exceptions.


http://www.pownalls.com/view.php?cat=102&a...=162&page=1 (if its worth it)








http://www.surplusstore.co.uk/catalog/prod...roducts_id/2399 (same but two tone)


any experiances or opinions relating to any of these guns would be appreciated

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if your new to airsoft and havn't played for atleast a year its probably best to wait a year and then get a sniper so that way you have more experiance because sniping is hard and requires alot of patiance

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