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Cheapo Chinese Sniper

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So I decided to purchase another sniper on slavebay.com,they recently had a sale on Asian snipers.Japanese ones were way too expensive,but I found a Chinese one that looked quite reasonable.

Paid about 500 quid for him,he came with a genuine Russian made Dragunov rifle,which was a nice extra.Took the company about 2 weeks to import him with their standard shipping,tracking was good,as usual.


He arrived in a dodgy looking van,but the driver was very nice,though his blood soaked apron was a bit scary.

He was in a battered cardboard box,which did not make me too happy.Too much packing foam too,the bastard could have suffocated!


Now,out of the box,I was not impressed.His kit was a mess,his sling was an oil rag for fuck's sake! his ghillie was made out of green A4 paper and the fucker was malnourished!.he looked no older than 13 either.I contacted slavebay but they pointed out that I failed to read the fine print.They offered a refund but I decided to keep him as a technical plaything and maybe train him to shoot well.


Again,out of the crappy box we was a terrible shot.Little bitch kept crying for his parents.But once I got him to calm down,he hit a 600m target 5/10 times.Not bad. Fired him in the basement with the others with bowl of gruel.


The next day I tried to teach him the song of the operator.I wanted to try make him an operator as fuck DEVGRU type guy,to go off my beaten track style of Russian snipers.

He was surprisingly good at Ingrish,stopped whining after I fired him in the closest of unimaginable psychological torture


Got him a decent rifle,had an m24 lying around in the snake pit after I fed them some douchebaggy marine sniper.It was covered in snake venom,but the kid could handle it,he was surprisingly tough after I fed him.


This time,I was impressed.Hit a 900m target 6/10 times.A little more tinkering and psychological torture and he'll be firing just as well as my spetsnaz snipers.I may actually buy a few chinese ones since the Russian fuckers keep trying to escape.Almost blew a hole in the basement.Might actually let them go.


Overall score, 7/10.Not great out of the box,packaging was not great,but with a little tinkering you can get them shooting great.



What I'm trying to say is the section should be called sniper RIFLE reviews!


Also I;m bored and I wanted to write something like this.


Mods delete if you wish!





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That was unbelievably useless XD

I think if you're that bored you should just read a book or watch a movie/doc lol.

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I did feel slightly retarded for reading it past the 4th line before realising you were taking the piss... Well, to a more thorough extent than 'taking the piss' would usually account for lol.


To be honest I was genuinely amused by it.


But, in future, why not just leave a comment in the feedback section, suggesting a name change?


Think I might close the thread before someone has thy jimmies rustled and kicks off...

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