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a good gun to start with? plus a breakdown of what to look for would be great :)

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As with everyone in this forum im new to all this, i havnt played my 3 games yet but im going to play another one after i get paid and ive already played one and loved it, when i asked about getting started to other people i regularly came across the two following guns; a g36c or an m15a4 or one of those varieties, ive been told that these are the best thing to start anyone off in terms of reliability and good guns to use if you want to add accessories.


but i need help on two things here, what gear do i need to buy in terms of clothing and netting/ vests ect and which of those guns would be better to start with in your own opinions. here are the two im looking at right now;






these ones are a cheaper option but im not sure about because more money spent is better quality;






my budget im willing to spenp on a gun is 250 in total at the moment, i dont want to spend loads of money on a gun to start with then decide i dont want to do it anymore and 250 is money i would be happy to spend on something that i would use once every few weeks.


sorry about all the links but id rather put them up and get some kind of answer on which one to pick as opposed to not and picking something i couldnt use or understand properly, if you can think of a better suited gun or a cheaper option that will provide the same quality then please feel free to tell me :)

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definatly look more in G36's.

m4's are fine, but i get annoyed by the massive barrel wobble you get (only exists on armalites, due to there is a specific point where body meets barrel)


and the CA G36 series are awesome.

as for kit, if you want an m4, almost all webbing will take the mags, if you are going for a G36, look for something that is made to take G36/AK mags.


Look at the Begadi gear. my mate has that one] and it is just fantastic. (Aand DOES fit 2 G36 mags... with a little force :lol: )

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Id suggest Action Hobbies when i first started airsofting before Ukara, I bought myself a G36c Simply put. Fan-F**king-tastic. Also if you havent already the War and peace festival is a absaloute must if you havent got your UKARA Go their Airsoft world have a stand and do most of their KWA sde arms (Mac 11,G18,17,20,21 etc.) all for mostly £110 i bought the 17 fantastic sidearm superb quality and all dissasemble liek the real deal. Also ts great for all your tac gear For your starter gear go for Webtex Cheap but bloody brilliant £15 will get you a light weight vest with a intergrated pistol holster 3 primary mag pouches (do fit G36c with a little force) but M4 s better, It has slightly smaller ones for some pistol mags not great for em though and a padded but guard n one shoulder strap and a rather handy pouch (I stick my tobbaco in it xD). But if you want some decent sites id highly rec,





And if you have the cash Wolf Armouries do spray your gun two tone and you can have it either prayed black again once you have UKARA or they do a part purchase service where you can buy a R.I.F(Realistic imitation Firearm) so a gun its its rightful colours but they keep it at their store until you get your UKARA then you take it on home they also bring it to their various sites if you come up to London to skirmish with them but you gotta ring first =]. Enjoy,


Sam Dixon

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