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NiMH battery charging- advice needed

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Hi all,


I've got several NiMH batteries, some new and unused, and a "Vector AC/DC NX85 Variable Output Charger" which can charge from 0.5 to 5.0 amps.


All of these settings seem way too high for the whole 'C/10' charging business, for example, with an 8.4 1400mAh battery, charging at C/10 should surely be 140mAh (0.14amps), and my charger only goes down to 0.5 amps.


Not really sure what to do...


Also, are chargers available which charge at such low rates as 140mAh?



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Yes they are. I have one from Componentshop.co.uk that runs from 50mAh to 300mAh in six steps. If I want to help the battery stay in good shape I will use it on one of the lower setting and slow charge the battery. Quick chargers are OK, but they will burn out your batteries much quicker if you always quick charge them.


See: http://www.component-shop.co.uk/html/airsoft_chargers.html


I've got the top one. Cheap as chips but still works fine.

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