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Beretta M92F (or similar) owner in London wanted for film shoot

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Hi there,


I am a Director/Producer looking for someone in London who owns a realistic looking Beretta M92FS full metal gas blowback (TM, KJW etc) pistol - or similar looking handgun.


We are a small experienced and professional team shooting a short drama film on a low budget for fun (and because it's a great story) and we are looking for someone that would be willing to come along and let us use their Beretta (or similar) for one or two shots of the film in the afternoon.


Alternatively, if they are unable to attend the shoot (working etc) but were willing to let us borrow the gun (leaving a holding deposit of course) then that is another option we could discuss.


We know it's possible to buy or rent one, but to be honest we'd like to work with one a bit first before investing in one as a permanent prop.

Besides, for the right person.. it could be a bit of fun to come along and have their gun get a feature role (fully credited) in a high quality short film. Win/win all around.


We are filming in the Angel area of London early next week (22nd/23rd June) and if you think this is something that might be of interest or you're willing to help out - then please get in touch.


Thanks in advance.



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