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A little bit of advice please?

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Greetings all


Iv just recently acquired a TM AUG, high cycle, second hand

Due to my haste in purchase ( my fault ) i have brought it home to find two issues with it


1. The gun dryfire/misfires like crazy. On semi, it fires only 50% of the time, and thats with me winding the high cap at the same time. Tried different BBs, with this highest being the new Blaster Devils, .20g.

2. When locked to semi via the fire selector, a trigger pull would sometimes lead to nothing. Feel like i hit a solid wall, and the only way around this is to put it back on to full auto and then back on semi. Iv been told this is due something about how the gun does not cycle properly.


Iv lubed the magazine ( make unknown ) and the gun, and nothing helps. I also sometimes find BBs where the battery is located behind the butt plate, no idea how they get there.

Also cleaned out the inner barrel.

Im running to wolf armouries tomorrow to pick up some king arms mid caps to see if it relieves problem one but i have a feeling this is unlikely

My two main suspicion for problem one is either the magazine or the feed nozzle and hop up nozzle is not aligned correctly

I have no idea what the cause of problem two is


Anyone can help me out? thanx for reading, and further thanx for replying

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Did the previous owner open the gearbox or mess with it by any chance?

Mis-feeding could be caused by the tappet plate placed incorrectly or badly.I'd say bring the gun with you to wolf armories and ask their tech if he knows the problem.

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