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Charity raiser: 24 hours of Gaming

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Evening folks,

So at work, Myself and a few work colleagues are going to host a 24 hour gaming session in a bid to help raise money for charity. It will take place o Good Friday starting at 8.30am right through to 8.30am the following Saturday.

We have a site here: http://www.justgiving.com/CTS24hrGamingMarathon I believe there maybe a webcam streaming. I have also declared that if the target money is raised I shall get a tattoo of some sort. Thinking along the lines of the Assassins Creed emblem to keep it inline with games

No doubt someone will bring an Xbox kinect so you can see us dancing like crazies at 3am without the confidence boost from alcohol :o

All in all, it is for a very good cause. And I would like to thank you in advance if anyone is kind enough to donate. Of course I will update and show the tattooing if it occurs.

Thanks Chaps!!

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