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Help With Gearbox re-assembly

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So I decided to shim my SRC G36C version 2 gearbox and in my haste to open the gearbox all the components exploded everywhere. To the suprise of myself I have re-assembled everything but one spring and the anti-reversal lever.


Two Questions. One is where does the Right spring go (in the picture Ive attached)? because that is the only thing I dont know the original whereabouts.


The other is; does the left spring go around the main cylindrical part of the anti-reversal lever or somewhere else on it?


Any help much appreciated :)


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The right hand spring is for the anti reversal latch

The left hand one is for the trigger


At least I think so :P

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I think ive got the trigger sorted out but that would make sense. Ill give it a go in a bit. Thanks, I realize this is kinda case specific information im asking for :P

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Yes, the left spring is definitely for the trigger. You can reassemble without it, but the trigger will not reset after you fire...


The anti-reversal spring goes on the longer cylindrical part of the anti-reversal lever with that little kinked bit around the lever part.


Now for the bad news...


Getting the trigger spring back in is about the only difficult part of reassembling a Version 3 gearbox.


(It is Ver 3, the "2" is an SRC thing which means Generation 2, ie better than 1 but not as good as 3).


The way I do it is to reassemble the whole thing without the trigger and the little slide/pivot widget that the top of the trigger fits into (and without screwing the halves together), then:


put a blob of grease on the cylinder at the top of the trigger where the spring goes (to hold the spring in place),


fit the spring onto that cylinder with the longest arm sticking out,


grease inside the slide/pivot widget so it sticks onto the other bit of the top of the trigger (ie not the bit with the spring),


hold the gearbox in your left hand with the front facing away from you at about 45 deg. so the right hand side faces up,


use a screwdriver to crack open the gearbox shell 2mm at the front, while holding the rear section as closed as you can,


take the trigger with the spring and widget stuck in place and fit the cylinder with spring into the hole in the gearbox shell (it will be the left hand side of the gearbox and the underneath as you look at it),


wiggle it until the left pivot point on the widget fits inside the case too.


The next bit is "the knack" and may take a few goes to do properly:


in one smooth movement (lol), use a trigger pulling motion and your left thumb to push the widget until its left pivot point fits into the hole for it


and rock the whole lot up towards you so that both the trigger and widget right hand pivot points clear the case and then fit into the holes in the right hand side of the gearbox shell.


You will have to allow the shell to open a fraction more but still keep it from opening so much at the rear that the gears and anti-reversal latch come out and move. The anti-reversal latch is the worst culprit for this, but if everything else is pretty much sorted except the latch, you can use a bent paperclip to poke and/or hook it into position. Also, while you rock the trigger up towards you, you have to maintain pressure forward, to keep the spring arm inside the shell.

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