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ginger colin

E&C vs JG build test

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I have had a sample E&C (East and Crane) Gearbox and receiver sitting here for 5 months and I have just been asked

to give feedback on it. Oooops, In my defense I have played a lot of COD lately....


My first impressions were tight for a chinky... So what can I compare it to? Its the pre quick spring release so

who knows it might be rare....???


When Jing gong was at its peak I foolishly purchased a number of JG paras. Needless to say, I like a short gun

Im not here to review the JG because the gun is 5 years old but the build principle is similar.


A budget CQB, good rate of fire, adaptable, fixable, hold its value, one to keep.


JG Para £100, D Boys Lr300 stock £30, D Boys M4 Body.Dboys ras system

Inards, 6mm bearings (yep still running), m100 spring, Element silent head

Add ons. Dboys flip up front and rear BUIS (back up iron sights)

Element SCAR flash hider with quick release supressor

Tango stubby front grip

element TDI torch / laser holder

Dboys ergo grip (freaky..... 4 years old but very very close to modern magpul)

Ambidexterous mag release (and it frigging works)

D Doys trigger guard (freaky..... very similar to magpul modern ones)


OK, the JG was just a donor, but isnt that what most guns are. The tiltle of this is build test so...


After using or off selling off the un-used JG parts and upgrading the gearbox the box fitted fine in to the receiver

Grip went on fine motor didnt whine etc.etc.

So why did I us a para and fit an S system and not start with a JG S system.

JG only did the S in plastic and the front mounted to the receiver differently.

Basically, you couldnt mount the JG S front to a metal receiver unless your name

was Araldite Arry.

The LR300 stocks were ahead of their time but the release latches were shite

Thus I made up some 2024 T6 Ali ones. (I have a couple of stocks left over somewhere if interested)


Think about it... this is an all day gun with 4/5 SC 9.6v NImh G&P battery, pre lipo batteries (safe ones), Silent box, quick release supressor, side folding and extendable stock,drop down sights and running on VN mags. People say my pockets are deep and my arms are short so I tried to fit it in my pocket.... Nearly...


Measuring in at 23 inches long the dorris gave me a funny look. When people go to pick it up it ammuses me because

you need 2 hands.


Its still running today from build (never missd a BB) and the only fault is that.. ALL jing gong paras had their outer barrel -14mm threads cut slightly off thus the flash hiders are a fraction out thus the Element Scar quick release hider and a slightly opened up suppressor end.


Im not going to rate this gun, that would be up to each individual. The reason im picking this build is because I wanna see where we are 5 years later. All I can say is this gun will never be parted with, nowdays people still dont have a clue

what it is..... plus its too heavy for the dorris to get he mitts on.


Over to E&C.

Well I feel no guilt in being prestige 5 on COD. Im glad the gearbox has had time to ferment. 5 months and E&C are

relatively unheard of still. OK... I could make a right arse of myself and say something is good and in 5 gears it turns

out it was cack but im covering my tracks by saying this is a build test......


Dont forget. A budget CQB, good rate of fire, adaptable, fixable, hold its value.... plus light weight, sniper back up and

it will fit in your pocket.


Ok I have picked the Fighting cat front end. I have never done a Dark earth build so it will be interesting to see how

well it matches up. The ergo stock, I picked this because it has bigger tubes than the STR and the ACS, element g16 slim grip, CAA Magwell or the foldable and extendable grip. Im going to go with Tactical ARMS front and rear sights. and a cheeky lipo.


Hope to give weekly apdates....post-5095-0-46533800-1361996345_thumb.jpg

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