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G&G Scar-L CQB Problems

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So I recently purchased a g&g scar l, and I fell in love with it when I took it out on the field. But I've had a few technical issues with mine, I was wondering if anyone has had the same problems or if anyone knows how to fix them.

My charging handle/ bolt handle is on the right side of my gun, perfect for lefty's but I'm right handed, does anyone know how to put it on the left side?

Also when I first got the gun, the selector switch was extremely stiff to change from safe, to semi, to auto. I know guns shouldn't have a loose switch as it can be dangerous, but my one was so stiff, in the field I would have to stop what I was doing and use two hands to change fire modes, plus my friend has the same gun and his selector switch is perfectly fine, not stiff at all. It was a nightmare. Then after a few hours the actual switch broke off because of the force I was having to use to change it, so I took it into the sites repair store and they fixed it back on, but the selector switch is still really stiff. I have no idea what to do? Is it an internal problem or something else? HELP!!!


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