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Classic army Gearboxs

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Hey there, new player (8 months) bought a second hand classic army M15 A4.


Somethings gone in teh gearbox, so could someone give me an idea of how interchangable gearbox parts are, what type of gearbox it's likely to be?


thanks in advance, can get pictures if needed.

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Hi yep.. Hibernator is correct there.


I would recommend swapping like for like. The last time I did a CA, I put a 8mm box in and its going well.


If you wanna save some money look for a complete Jing Gong, good value for money.

I would recommend fitting a 5KU full ali hop as well, but they are getting rare (one of the best I have ever tried)




You wont get a prowin box but you might find one of these....Combat Squad CNC Aluminum 9mm Ver.2 Gearbox


I was sent a E&C complete box a few months ago and it looks like good value for money. I have the pre quick spring change box but overall

its worth the money. Doing a full strip next week. The nozzle look a bit naff but the rest looks solid



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