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Warrior L96 Q's

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So my Buddy want's me to sell his Warrior L96 for him But the Mag Get's Jammed in and you have to use a ScrewDriver to remove it (Taking the whole body apart or holding the Mag release and using the screwdriver as a lever to get it out) and it's Missing the Cheek rest. To sell it i'm hoping to be able to tell the Buyer where and what to do to get it working or to get my friend interested in Airsoft again.


1. My idea is that the Magwell is Far too tight, so maybe just sanding it down a bit would help?


2. I have no idea as to where another Cheek rest could be sourced....


Any help or Info would be Great as it Fire's Perfectly fine otherwise!

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Try sticking some electrical tape on one side, running it to the base of the mag, sticking it to itself to form a tab & then running it back up the other side. Simple but effective as I found the same happened with my mags at first.


Also make sure the screw that holds the mag release to the main body is screwed in properly as it can cause sticking issues if not.

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