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This week in airsoft catch up thread

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This Week In Airsoft here guys and we wanted let you guys see what you've been missing heres a few of our most recent episodes so enjoy

Episode 24 we talk to MSG Mad Max Mullen about Airborne Milsim and his new The US Tactical Combatives Association and we also talked about Tactical MilSim Magazine.




Episode 23 we talk to SFC Mike “Bubba” Moore about his history as a Halo Jumping ass kicking Army Ranger and his new airsoft career. If you like the military chatter this is the episode for you.



2 Part Shot Show Episode




Episode 22 we talk Sickly ramble on about everything.



Episode 21 we talk to MSG “Mad” Max Mullen (Ret) about Airborne Milsim



Episode 20 we talk to Dave from the ACA and ACA 2012 Champions Triple 7 Airsoft about the ACA and the Upcoming ACA season



Episode 19 we continue and wrap up our talk about stolen valor and Todd from Warfighter Airsoft. Side Note Todds apology video has been removed from youtube :(



Episode 18 we cover the serious subject of stolen valor. So listen up!!


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