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Bullswood Airsoft - Young Guns Event 2010

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Hi Guys


First post here, nice forum setup :)


Bullswood Airsoft Club/Skirmish South East (Located in Dormansland, Surrey) are hosting a Young Guns airsoft event throughout the summer holidays. We are hosting two games per week (Mondays will be for 12-16's - Fridays will be for 16's-20's).


Now we are primarily a paintball site, however the site hosts some fantastic airsoft sessions usually once or twice a month. You get to play some of our fantastic gamezones (Zombie Crypt, B.O.B, Mexican Fortress and many more), hosted in the most beautiful natural woodland.


Places need to be pre-booked so we know how many would like to attend. We have a variety of equipment to hire (Guns, Coveralls, Goggles etc).


We can host either full or half day events.


If anybody is interested then please visit us here


You can find all relevant pricing info, contact details on the website. Or if your interested in our normal airsoft events then click here


Thanks guys

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