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Canine Gallows

Hey Guys!

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Hey guys I'm new here! Feels really weird posting this topic :L


Got a airsoft(?) gun from an Airsoft website back in October 2012 after playing with my brothers Thompson airsoft.


Pretty expensive hobby! Tend to pick up my pellets if I find them since I only had about 7 for some reason, feels bad to borrow my brothers ammo.


Brother got a new electric airsoft for Christmas, thinking about buying one myself when it comes in stock it's just called the D.90 Electric Airsoft Rifle (just avoiding posting the link incase I break a rule ;) )


Said a bit about myself so you guys can know a bit about me!


Oh.... I'll feel weird just calling an airsoft gun a gun...

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We're not like the zero-one forums(who have rules against linking any airsoft retailer), so feel free to post any links you think might help us :)

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