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UCAP Bunker - Portsmouth (Cosham)

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Written Review of site (If it should be in the top forum section, my apologies, please move).



The UCAP site is a massive underground post-war bunker complex, mostly clad concrete and shiplap tunnels through the chalk of North Portsmouth. Build underneath a major naval RnD testing base the disused tunnels have been turned into a large Close Quarter Battle (CQB) complex.


It's pretty much as you'd expect, a confusing layout of tunnels, dead-ends, large vaults and chambers. There's labratory complexes, kenneling, a nuclear storage vault, a large jail area, and an enourmous toilet and shower block. Heavy blast doors and barricades can be placed by staff randomly between games to close corridors or open new ones altering the layout confusingly.


Games are played on wednesday evenings and all-day sunday games. Some MilSim games are run on weekdays.


The entire site is intermittantly lit with bulkhead lamps which can be turned off and on in sequences, can be turned into strobes and can be alternated to red-lighting. Some games will involve lighting being switched on and off plunging entire sections into complete darkness.


All games played have one or more objectives to be completed, often involving the placement of Mk5s (sometimes supplied with a mobile-phone duct-taped to it to simulate C4 charges).


I've only been on wednesdays but see an average of 40 people there. Staff are really friendly, tea and coffee complementary, marshalls mix and mingle with players constantly to chat about equipment and the games so far, given how cluastrophobic everything is, they generate a great atmosphere.


Highly recomend it, especially if like me you've played a lot of woodland and want to try CQB, engagement distances vary between fifteen/twenty meters and point blank scrums of twenty players knife-killing one another.


Website: http://web.mac.com/crackingday/UCAP-UGHQ/Home.html

Contact number: 07887541463 (before 8pm only)

Address: It's UNDERNEATH PO17 6AR. It doesn't appear to have an address given its formly part of a base that may or may not officially exist.

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