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F&O Team Chaos - Recruiting - (First and Only Northern based)

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Who Are We? -We are one of First and only' newest teams, and so We are currently recruiting trying to up our numbers and openly invite you to join our ranks, Using the Anzio (leek) F&O site as our main base of operations we plan to train as a team then take our skills and visit other sites ,take part in the new F&O team challenge trials and we will also be encouraging a team look and will stay loyal to our principals of "play hard but always play the best" like always taking hits ECT.


Interested? There are loads of ways to get in touch:


- Message me on this forum

- reply to this thread

- post a reply to this F&O forum thread: http://forum.firstan....our-self-here/

- PM: Jimjogg or Ed-McCall on the F&O forum (register here) : http://forum.firstandonlyevents.co.uk/

- Message admin of this facebook page: https://www.facebook...eamChaosAirsoft


Whether you are a new player or an Airsoft Vet get in touch! new_Eyecrazy.gif

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