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Guest WhiteDeath


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Guest WhiteDeath

So I've had this gun as my first pistol,used it for two years now.Thought I'd say a few things about it.


Gun Name and maker:ASG(Manufactured by KJW) M9


FPS:310,at around 15-18c indoors.

Hop up:Pretty decent,you must remove the slide to adjust it,though.

Mag Capacity:24 rounds.

Gas:Works with green gas and is also compatible with KJW Co2 mags.

Plastic/Metal/Both:All metal,with the exception of the grips.


My opinion and overall comments:

Decent first GBB pistol,it's a full metal Marui clone.Good if you can't afford a KWA gun.It also takes Co2 mags,which is nice.I want to get my hands on them since the gun has poor performance in the cold.Changing the recoil spring is good idea.

Sturdy build quality,the metal used is strong.I've dropped it countless times,and it's been in the muddiest wettest spots I can ever place it.Still works well.


Range is good,BB drops at around 35m mark with .25 BBs.Hop up is decent for Marui clone.


Magazines are shoddy.Had to replace the filling valves two or three times on all my mags.

The gun has bad performance in the cold.Unless you have Co2 mags,do not take it out to a game if it's under 10c,especially as a sniper backup weapon.You'll end up revealing your position with profanities and a huge cloud of gas.


I like the ergonomics of the M9.The grip is nice and long,and the slide release and safety are positioned well for those with long thumbs.

It takes Marui mags fine,but it does not feed into the gun.I think WE mags feed though.


A very basic and rugged gun,with rather good performance in warm temperatures.Dreadful for cold days.Gets Bulemia if you fill it with gas if it's under 10c.Magazines a bit shoddy and not as high quality as the gun itself.

It's a good buy if you're young and poor like me and need a good quality metal GBB pistol.


Overall rating:


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I have this gun too, as well as the CO2 mags, which are SO much better than the standard! Definitely reccomend the CO2 mags - you'd be doing yourself a massive favour!

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