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Surrey/ Hampshire returning airsofter. Looking for Team to join.

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Hi all, i'm a returning airsoft player been playing since i was 16 (10 years ago) but not so much in the last 4 years due to...life and laziness.


Me: ....Hi my name is David... and i'm a hoarder of airsoft guns


All: Hello David.


currently my collection is up to 20 airsoft guns... although there may be some more that i have forgotten about.





beretta m92

Socom silenced (internally)

1911 gunmetal grey

1911 black

"can't remember the name... 5.1

Raging Bull 44. magnum

M712 (more rifle than pistol but...)


Machine Pistols:

beretta m93r

glock18c (karl bubbits stock and z clamp+ silencer makes it almost as big as an mp5)




M870 shell ejecting, but with shell catcher (so it's skirmishable if not a bit weak... but fun)


AEG's (all batteries have died tho except one and there is something called LIPO now???)


MP5 A4

Steyr Aug Phantom (internally silenced)

L85A4 (electric blowback one made by army)

half finished GPMG project with FAMAS gearbox. just need to kick that laziness into touch.



L96 (a custom job that i finished... well mostly.) was an m700 that i made a stock for.

WE M14 EBR GBBR my newest and most expensive hope to make it DMR worthy with some mods. see technical forums in gas section.


I am hoping to get back into airsoft but really miss being in a team, and doing it properly. I was mainly playing at combat south urban and woodland in portsmouth, but that was before VCRA came in and i went to live in Australia (airsoft illegal). been to a few sites here and there in between.


I don't know what teams are about so if you can let me know of any teams that you know about that might consider me please let me know.

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Welcome to the forums :)


Best way to find out about teams is to get down to your local site. A lot of people don't play in teams though :)

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