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we are continuing to grow rapidly and have a firm customer base that is increasing by the day and whats great is that it’s being done by lots of word of mouth and very little Marketing, Due to the increase of sales over the last 10 weeks we have been able to source more great products and deliver them at Great Prices as usual. Going like hotcakes are the VFC KAC PDW, Only 2 left in stock and come with extra Magazines thrown in.


New Products in recently are Kings Arms 360 Magpul PTS PMAG Black and Dark Earth, These are proving popular as they fit all M4 Variants, MAG 190 Real Finish Metal Magazines, G3 HK Metal Magazines and some 85rd M16VN Mags.


Magpul PTS 120 PMAG’s in Black, Dark Earth and Olive Drab and the new Magpul PTS EMAG in Black and The New Magpul PTS 120rd PMAG M Version in Black and Dark Earth, A great bit of kit to add to the Armoury!!, Magpul Ranger Plates both in Black and Dark Earth to complete all your Magpul Magazines.


Nest week we take delivery of a new product, Heroshark Mesh Goggles, A great innovation in protective eyewear, These Goggles will take a hit from 500fps bolt action Sniper Rifle at point blank range, Additionally it will take approximately 22 rounds, 0.2g bbs at point blank at 350fps in the exact same spot before any damage occurs.


New AEGS Inbound are the G&P Magpul Sentry UBR VLTOR Custom (Limited quantities so get in fast) and the newest type of AEG come GBB, The Magpul M4 UBR Carbine Electronic Custom Blow Back AEG, Both these Guns are awesome!! Finally Mid June the long awaited VFC HK416, Most retailers are waiting for these babies, I have ordered the Deluxe Edition but only one so like most of the Guns On my site, Get in fast to secure it before it’s gone!


Mid June we take delivery of some Genuine Multicam Tactical Gear, It’s been long awaited and we can’t wait to get our hands on it and get it out to our Customers, we are ordering in component parts and making Rigs to cover all requirements, If anybody wishes to make enquires or ask for a certain spec we can arrange that to be put together so please get in touch.


We invite you all to take a look around the site and see what we are about, we pride ourselves in excellent Customer Service, affordable prices and fast delivery, Feel free to email us about anything at all and we will always endeavor to meet your needs.







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