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JG G36C Upgrading

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Hi,i would like to upgrade my JG G36C and achieve 125~130m/s i have chosen these parts:

Spring for AEG SP 120 [Guarder] http://www.ebay.co.u...0-/270791956646

Military Action Stainless Steel Spring Guide for Ver3 http://www.airsoftpa...ver3-p-310.html

Element 7mm Steel Ball Bearing Bushing http://www.airsoftpa...ing-p-9533.html

Energy 7 Teeth PolyCarbonate Piston Black http://www.airsoftpa...ack-p-2827.html

Military Action Aluminum Ventilation Piston Head Silver http://www.airsoftpa...er-p-10643.html

Guarder Hop Up Rubber http://airsoftas.lt/...op-Up_permatoma

But i don't know which cylinder head will fit ? Is this good? http://www.airsoftpa...lue-p-9836.html

Is everything good with this build or should i change something?

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