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Legion Airsoft Radio! But For Everyone!

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Hello guys Legion 666 here.


Some of you may know of me from various places I am not sure :)


You usually see me flying about with teddybears on my head.


Legion has started a radio station discussing all things air soft. Its a bit basic and crude at the moment but we got lots of interviews with Legion members and discussions and debates about many things. We have mentioned dragon valley many times already (as a lot of us play there)


I am looking for people to interview outside of legion and also marshals site owners etc to give airsofters advice and also lay down the law when it comes to your site. All interviews are done over the phone or skype and no surprise questions will come up. We broadcast over Shoutcast live every Sat between 20:00 - 20:30 hours just before everyone gets their war paint on to go play airsoft the next day. Any other time there is a rotation of recorded shows and music. (not much music as I have to pay royalties cost mounts up). The station is funded by my bi weekly beer money (royalties and server costs etc.) So no money is involved so totally free to listen and join in.





All the links below are ways to listen. If you are having issues tuning in let me know so I can troubleshoot. All interviews are recorded and looped. ShoutCast Web Browser: http://uk.shoutcast....n airsoft Radio Winamp: http://centovacast.g...ai/playlist.pls Windows Media Player: http://centovacast.g...ai/playlist.asx Real Player: http://centovacast.g...ai/playlist.ram QuickTime: http://centovacast.g...ai/playlist.qtl stream start page (Shifty and laggy): http://centovacast.g.../start/legionai


you can listen in your browser by http://www.legionairsoftradio.co.uk


Any mobile should play from this stream




I will be broadcasting tomorrow eve if we survive the end of the world :)


Post Apocalypse Episode tomorrow!




If you would like to join in the debate then please contact me via:


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/legionariss


Twitter: xLegionAirsoftx


Email: [email protected]


Website to have a listen is: http://www.legionairsoftradio.co.uk


Thanks for your time I hope I am not upsetting any mods posting this? If so let me know :)

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