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Hey, TacMaster here!

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I joined last night- and I would've introduced myself earlier, but I got a little carried away when I saw the swaps sub-forum :)

Anyway, I'm 15 and I live in a town near Winchester in Hampshire. I've been airsofting with nooby guns for 2 years, then I got the financial push that brought me to my amateur level. Recently been working on replacing my old Condor Crossdraw with the Mini MAV you'll see in the loadouts thread.

I'm a member of the Army Cadet Force- hence my abundance of free DPM combat clothing (in fact I only have to pay 50p a week for detachment upkeep and for my boots when I joined). I study engineering at a college once a week as a vocational course (took up both my options <_< ) and the rest of the week I'm at secondary school. I'm interested in metalworking (uncle has a lathe in his garage I've used many times) and I'm designing a custom tri-rail mount for my MP5 atm.


So in short- hi!

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