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G&P Defender 2000 barrel change Help!

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Have played with my defender 2000 for a while not, great in Cqb but outdoors my barrel and hop-up seems to fail me a bit.(Prolly need a bit stronger spring for outdoor play to.)


But i thought i'd buy a new inner barrel and hop-up first.


What shall i buy?


I've always had good experiences with madbulls items.


So i thought something like this:



Only problem is that it says its for: M733 / M1A1, can it still work for my G&P Defender 2000 M4 AEG?


There are other versions of the same barrel specifically for M4A1 models but i need the 300mm long one since i recall that that is the inner length of my weapon?


I would love all the help you can give!


Thanks in advance!


Best regards!

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its just a barrel it should fit i can see the cut in the barrel where the bb feeds so it should fit the best thing would be to take your barrel out measure it and see if it is 30 cm long (300 mm) if so this will fit fine and i see no reason why it wont work in your gun.

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