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Upgrade a we hi capa 5.1

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Hey guys

I've just bought a we hi capa 5.1 gbb with vented slide

First up its a great gun with (i think) good build quality. I love the trigger action, it's kicks good and Looks good

I heard that upgrading the mag seals can improve gas efficiency?

Is this true? I've tried the search but can't find much conclusive re upgrades.

Is there any other little mods worth doing?

I realise the T M Is a superior product but with the we at £105 from ASW, I just couldn't resist!


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Hi I have the co2 version of same gun. All I'll say is check your mag as the mag release is way to long. Nearly lost mine just walikng from safe zone. What I did was to add a shaped piece of plastic to grip and then remove what was left sticking over top of this so it was flush with the plastic add'on. Plastic was about 3/5mm . Also the right thumb safety does come loose and may fall out, have ben told to use thread lock to sort this out.


few pictures of mag release mod







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