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Spec Ops The Line

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After friends preaching it's heart of darkness-style gameplay I had to try it. It is based in the near future, Dubai has been hit by huge sandstorms, 33rd american regiment of some sort had been sent there to evacuate. You are a delta force soldier sent on a recon mission into Dubai, and then it get's a bit juicy. As the campaign progresses, your men become more and more brutal, you begin to hallucinate as you fall victim to PTSD. Atrocity after atrocity speed this syndrome's effects in game, and your character begins losing sanity. Today I white phosphorus-mortared some American Soldiers and Arab civilians, because I had no other choice. It makes you feel terrible for the things you do, yet is so addictive. Why? To me it fels more like a war game, rather than a 3rd person shoot 'em up, which games like this are rarely exciting or simply ineffective at tugging on your moral heart strings. It is a brilliant game and multiplayer has a feel of a gritty version of the rainbow six series of games. I am scouting for people to play this with me, many people do play this online daily, it's just quite a team based game so I would like to play with some other to get better at it. Is anyone game for a game anytime? Steam Name: Xtreme Nailage

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