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Best Tracer unit?

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Saw a guy at Halo Mill last week with a tracer unit and now I really want one

So I'm wondering which the best tracer unit for value for money.

There is a Big Dragon Tracer unit from Airsoft-Club but it is obviously a cheap Chinese version and this is reflected in the price, only £30.05 including shipping.

However would it be better to get an SRC/TM etc tracer unit, they are around £80-£100!!

I have like no money at the moment, so I want to get a good one that isn't too expensive.



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I'm afraid that the old saying "you get what you pay for" applies here.


I've never seen the Big Dragon one, but if you search the net and look on YouTube there are plenty of comparisons. While the Big Dragon works OK, it misses BBs quite regularly and doesn't make them glow as bright as the Marui one. Plus Big Dragon's build quality is usually pretty poor and you'll end up having to re solder dodgy connections!


The Madbull ones are supposed to be pretty good, but they are very pricey too. I have a Marui and can't fault it :)

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