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4 x Acog with Dr Sight OR iron sights

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Hi All,



Just had a post removal and telling off from Zero One for posting this!


stupid rules!


Anyway, does anyone know where I can get a 4 x Acog with either iron sights or Dr sights?


I have checked HK based sites and even they are £100 + (with shipping)


I dont mind if its 2nd hand (as long as its decent condition)


Any help much appreciated



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So nearly deleted your comment by accident then... Heart in my mouth. Stupid moderator options. Nearly had a heart attack... Haha, Jesus.


Thinking about it, would've been a mega coincidence if I had, after what you said haha.


Anyway, screw ZeroIn, they're a bunch of dickholes, their rules are ridiculous.


Back on topic:


I bought an ACOG with irons on it for about £100 from Airsoft World a couple of years ago, since then I've not looked about much in the UK, I got my ACOG with Doctor sight from RSOV though, which is HK based and I think with shipping it came to about 90 something quid. The same thing sold in the UK is around £130-150, so it's not a bad deal and the thing is beautiful, red dot's great too.


Additionally, the same ACOG can be bought without the docter sight, I think and it comes with an off-set iron sight to get around the fake fibre optic piece, which I think looks pretty awesome.


If you're after something for less than £95ish though, then second hand is going to be pretty much your only option, at least based on my past scoutings about the web.


I do have one you might be interested in, but it's with a mate at the minute and I'm not sure when I'd be able to get it back. It's got irons on it (though admittedly they don't even come close to lining up), the only issue with it is that there's a degree of moisture on the inside, which causes it to fog slightly. It still works fine, 4x zoom, no cracks, adjustable AOE and all that, but it's foggy on the inside.


I'd let it go for £50 (postage covered in the cost) if you were interested. PM me if you want to take me up on it.

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