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Recently bought two of these from Patrol Base at £40 each.

They're very good value and I'd reccommend them primarly for beginners, although they are still very good even for more experienced airsofters, and people on a budget.


Included in the box

The Palco USP comes with quite a starter pack.

Included you'll find the gun, an opaque black speedloader, a pack of (presumably 0.12 and bad quality) BB pellets, roughly 50, two or three paper targets, a large firepower sticker, instruction manual, a 'fibre-optic' front sight (I think it's just a bit of green plastic) and a sheet of paper advertising accessories. This is all contained in a horrible blister pack thing that you have to cut open with scissors, or as we discovered, much to our amusement, a pen. This is unfortunate because I would've liked to have done an unboxing video of the gun on YouTube.


General information

Being non-blowbacks, the slide does not come back when you shoot, neither does the slide lock when you're out of ammo. You can still pull it back for looks though

and for stripping the gun.

That being said, it's what you should be expecting for the price. It also means that you have very economical C02 consumption, as all the power is used to fire the pellet.

This means it will fire at 350 FPS with .2s. It will be slightly hot for the first few shots but after a bit of shooting it will be perfectly site legal.



The construction is presumably a high quality polymer. The frame is very solid and doesn't feel like it'll break, the slide feels slightly flimsy. The magazine is also made from polymer and metal. So overall actually good build quality in my opinion.



It will hold seventeen BBs and one 12g C02 cartridge. The C02 is easy to load in because you don't have to screw off the baseplate, instead you just loosen the screw in the bottom until in fits into the hole in the side, and tighten it back up again.

Loading the ammunition in is slightly harder. Supplied with the speedloader is one of those little tools but we didn't even use it, and lining the speedloader hole up with the magazine hole was very difficult.

Instead you have to hold it at about a 45 degree angle so the BBs fall down to the bottom and hold the speedloader about 1/2 an inch away for them to drop inside.

Eventually however you will perfect this technique as Greg showed us.



The gun has an ambidexterous magazine release on the trigger guard just before the grip. This is good but takes a little bit of getting used to, especially for my dad that doesn't actually know anything about guns and kept trying to just pull it out. The real safety doesn't work, and has a small switch on the right that you push forward for safe (you can't pull the trigger) and have to pull back for fire. A white dot will be visible when safe, and a red dot visible when not. This is quite awkward as it would be easier to push it forward for no safety. The slide lock release also doesn't work either...because there is no slide lock.

The fibre-optic sight, as aforementioned, is probably just a bit of green plastic. The original front sight did have a white dot on which was handy when it was quite dark, but it would be better if the rear sight also had white dots. Unfortunately I lost the original site very easily since it is so small, and it no doubt just fell out of a hole in one of my pouches.

There is an orange tip, they are usually glued on and I might decide to take it off one day but for time being I don't really mind it. The gun does not have a thread as far as I know, it is unlikely.

A thing that I have already removed was the big Firepower sticker on the right side of the slide, it came off very easily too, so I would reccommend you do the same. It does make it look a bit better.

Unfortunately, there aren't any trademarks on the gun, but once again, I did not expect there to be any considering the price of the gun. They did go to the trouble of adding on a WG logo onto the bottom of the fagazine and Wing Gun onto the grip.

Why? I don't know. It is a bit annoying because the name Wing Gun sounds very silly, but nobody is going to see it or anything.



The gun should be firing around 350 FPS, but it hasn't be chronographed because we bought the guns at Patrol Base and they dropped it off at the site, still in the packaging. They use the gun for hiring and therefore they know what it fires at so it the FPS did not need confirming.

Because it is semi-automatic, the rate of fire it basically as fast as you can pull the trigger and you can fire quite quickly.

Accuracy is OK/not bad but it is unlikely you will be sniping with it. Hop-up is not adjustable.


Final comments/rating

Remember you should probably not use the supplied BBs, not matter how good they look to me I still don't trust them as they could potentially damage your nice new gun. Use .2s or higher.

Take of the sticker and orange tip if you want.

Buy some C02 cartridges or you can't fire!

Also fun to dual-wield.

I would reccommend an IMI USP holster, but they will cost you almost as much as the gun itself.


I would rate this gun a 7/10, a great gun for a small amount of money.



Thanks for reading my review and I hope you liked it! Please leave a comment!


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