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Airsoft Repair Service!

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Hi everyone! :) :)


I am a brand new "technician" on the block! However with little documented experience to my name, other than work done for friends, it is difficult for me to get anywhere!


Because of this need for experience, I offer a service which is cheap in return for some nice honest reviews!

I have been an airsofter for a long time now, and over my time I have owned over 40 different guns varying from AEG (My specialty in V2 and V3) to GBB pistols, all of which I have decided to pull apart once or twice...maybe a few more times!!


Dreaming of a job in the repairs business, so looking to get some experience in the airsoft technical side. I am looking for people to be happy customers and give me some honest reviews on the workmanship.


I offer a "First Come, First Service!" to new customers which includes a free* 2hr labour charge. After that I charge a tiny £12.50 per hour (my local site charges £40p/h!!) + the cost of parts.

*The cost of parts required are at trade price (and always will be), no commission taken at all!


See my website for regular updates and more offers on my services! ;)

I also do spray jobs!


Also, if I cannot fix your rifle, it will be returned in the same condition as received, and there will be no charge**!

**(Not including the costs of any postage sending, I am sorry! :()


I am based on the Norfolk/Suffolk border in a small town called Bungay.


I am merely a young techie looking to get a name and some valid experience for himself to find a job within our airsofting world, by helping others! :D


PM me for details/questions, or contact through facebook/website.


Please take a look at my website and facebook links for more info and pictures of the rifles I have recently upgraded! Please give it some love and help me elevate further in the world!

Contact details and location are all described in the links below!








Thank you everyone! And especially thanks to Devastator for allowing me to post!



Luke. :D

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Good luck in your new venture! :)

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