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Shelf life of BBs

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I have seen some good offers for Bulldog .20 pellets when buying in bulk - 20,000 or so split into bags of 4,000.


Although this works out cheaper than buying at local sites i wondered if there is a shelf life for these. Probably use between 2000 and 3000 in a full day of skirmish (still fairly new to this) and so 20,000 would last for maybe 6 months.


Do the pellets go off quicker once the bag is opened?




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As far as I'm aware, they don't go off...


They're just plastic.


Unless you're talking about Bio BBs. I think they probably last about a year and then if you use them you'll get terrible performance. It happened to a mate a few months back.


I'd expect keeping them sealed would prolong their life slightly though. Does it not say on them anywhere? If not then I wouldn't worry.

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