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Airsoft Innovations Tornado Crash! impact grenade

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Accessory Name and maker: Airsoft Innovations Tornado Crash! impact grenade


Use: It's a grenade, it goes boom (or whoosh...)

Key features: Detonates on impact rather than based on a timer, reusable.

Build Quality: 10/10, bomb proof.


My opinion and overall comments:

I bought this a couple of weeks back hoping it'd be the dogs danglies for CQB games, and would help combat the BFG brigade, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Having now taken it out of the garden and skirmished it this evening at Southwest Wargames indoor CQB site I can confirm that is is:

A: awesome

B: indestructible

I won't go into super detail on how the grenade is loaded/primed, there's plenty of videos on youtube which detail that sort of thing. What I will cover is how I used the Tornado, and how effective it was in that use. Having bought it mostly for CQB I was excited by the opportunity to take it out and throw it at some people. The pre-game brief stated that grenades are to be 'posted' through windows/doorways, and not thrown across the site. A little disappointing initially, as I had high hopes for this thing being lobbed across streets and through doorways to clear rooms, but rules is rules...

Or not.

Turns out people were throwing big HEAVY BFGs a fair distance so I decided to join them and give the Tornado a really good workout, chucking it into windows of buildings as I was crossing the street etc. In this role it excelled, as soon as it hits a hard surface it goes off, EVERY TIME. It lets off big shower of BBs (nearly 200 of them, released in less than a second!) in every direction and almost every time a couple of people shouting 'hit' and walking out looking a little bit sad. I can honestly say that without the Tornado at least half my entries into buildings wouldn't have got past the front door, with it, every time it went in the first room was already clear. After a couple of throws I also decided that hitting someone wouldn't be so bad (unless it was face/head), it's really not that heavy and would certainly hurt less/cause less damage than a BB unless you really hurl it hard.

All in all, for CQB the Tornado grenade gets my hearty recommendation, if you can't get hold of a BFG or you want an alternative the Tornado is for you!



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Can you put a link in this feed on where to buy them?

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