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Welcome to Airsoft Forums UK (also known as AF-UK or AFUK)!


AF-UK was created in 2008 by @Deva and a small group of friends but is now run by @proffrink. We're independent: We don't - and never will - accept sponsorships from retailers. We encourage openness and honesty (or two core values) and take these two things very seriously.


When possible, make yourself familiar with our Rules. There's a lot to digest, but most of it is common sense. You might also want to say hello in the New Players & Arrivals subforum to find airsofters who play at the same sites you do or to seek initial advice if you're completely new to airsoft.


Need help with clarifying rules or don't know where to go next? @Jedi_Master runs our moderation team.


We hope you enjoy your stay.




This post was last updated 07/07/18 - @proffrink

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