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  1. Hope someone can help with this. Just bought myself a WE G18c and decided to upgrade the inner barrel to a 6.03 Madbull Python. Unfortunately the Madbull barrel has a smaller OD than the original barrel and the hop rubber is too loose. Can any one tell me how to get round this without chucking the Madbull barrel.Thanks :wacko: :wacko:
  2. It would appear the previous owner has not replaced the hammer spring(?) which appears to be AWOL. Would this have the effect you've just described ? There's supposed to be a little spring under the actuator on the left hand side of the hammer housing according to Youtube. This is definetly missing on my pistol.
  3. Sorry, should have mentioned it's a new mag. Anything else I should be looking for ? Cheers
  4. Hi Guys, need a little help with a venting pistol. I have a Meister G17 with Guarder slide and it's venting the mag after only a few shots. The previous owner claims to have replaced a few internal parts like the trigger spring and guide. Any ideas on how to remedy this ? Cheers.
  5. Just thought I'd post a little update on this for anyone interested. I tried the Mikes Mobile Cyclone I mentioned earlier and it works great !! No need for any more holes in the hose, just attached it to my goggles paired with my FAST helmet and it was actually pretty discrete, as long as you don't mind the buzz of a fan in your ear. I played all day with no fogging issues. After a while you forget the hose is there.
  6. How about Mikes Mobile Cyclone as a solution to the 'space for a fan' issue. I'm looking at this as a possible solution to my fogging issues. Again, not ideal. Definetly not cool, or discrete, but it might just work.
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