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  1. Hi man, why dont you check in our website? im sure we can help you out www.phoenixtacticalgear.com
  2. Are you Looking For Kydex Holsters? Send me a PM. Free Shipping to the Uk.

    1. proffrink


      This kind of commercial advertising isn't really ok.

    2. GiantKiwi


      @proffrink And they'll never stop, they got banned from most of the facebook sales groups for spamming as much as twice a day for months on end.

  3. Hello man we can help you over here, check www.phoenixtacticalgear.com
  4. @Dysperse Why dont you check www.phoenixtacticalgear.com I think we can help you over here.
  5. Hello guys, we are so happy to announce that we have been able to obtain a great deal with a shipping company, so we are offering Free Shipping to EU (with tracking) with a minimun require of 1 holster in the order. Besides that and for a limited time we drop the price of our holsters, we want to some how give something back to the airsoft community that always have been really supportive with us. For this info and more please check www.phoenixtacticalgear.com & www.facebook.com/phoenixtac
  6. Why dont you check in our site, www.phoenixtacticalgear.com , you could find a solution
  7. Hey guys, for today and until tomorrow er offer a Black Friday Special Coupon "BFRIDAYOFF" 15% discount with the purchase of 1 holster Check our products ¡ www.phoenixtacticalgear.com and www.facebook.com/phoenixtacticalgear Enjoy your Black Friday ¡
  8. Thx man. We actually spend a lot of time doing our best to produce the best gear ever.
  9. hello jedi, sadly we dont. That silencer is bigger then the upper slide. sorry
  10. Actually is TM desert eagle is one of our most sell holster
  11. Relative to the title sorry but that title was put it by the reviewer itself not by us. Anyway just to make it clear we do make holsters for Airsoft guns and for RS guns as well. We do try to make our holster as universal possible. For example our G17 alpha model is compatible with, WE, TM, KWA, etc airsoft guns + G17/G19 RS ( totally confirm ) Besides that i always recommend when and if you make an order to add in the order comments the exact gun that you are gonna use in the holster. That will make our life a little bit easier.
  12. Hello man, and the answer is yes. Every holster is made to be compatible with airsoft guns. Besides that, holsters like the glock one is made with a master mold making it compatible with Glock 17/18c/19 of the brands, WE, KSC/KWA, TM, VFC, and basically any other glock clone out there. As a kydex holsters crafters for airsoft we do know the different of size between a WE G17 and a TM G17 we took all this considerations for our holsters.
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