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  1. Sitting duck, thank you for that. I've been watching shimming guides etc so I did start with the motor height and half shell method etc. I've obviously just not got the hang of it yet haha. I'll use this information and give it another bash tomorrow.
  2. I did try it with just the gears no piston and spring and they did spin, not sure if they had some friction or not as they didn't seem to spin that quickly which would suggest to tight a shim. I did check the piston was on the guides when I started to close the box but I did have an issue when the sector gear was shimmed it didn't sit flat so I couldn't get the gear to fit into the bushing very easily so it's possible I pushed it out of alignment. Not sure if it's a slightly warped shim or because it's pushing on something else. I'll give that video a watch tomorrow and give it another go.
  3. Yea the motor spins fine with the battery connected so no trigger or shorting problems
  4. It doesn't have a plus that I could see but the connection was coloured red one side so I assumed red to red.
  5. The wires were already in place in the box when I got it, so they could be the wrong way around I wouldn't know haha. Ignore the blue heat wrap the wires were frayed so I covered them to prevent a short on the box.
  6. I havnt managed to test the gearbox with the motor yet without shims, ran out of time before having to go out. But yes I did try spinning the gears by hand when it was shimmed and they did spin but obviously not as well without shimming.
  7. Nope the reversal latch is in the correct way and no haha. I tested the gearbox when shimmed and piston etc installed with the motor and no movement at all. I then placed the gears in the shell without the piston spring etc, tightened up the gear box and then span the gears by hand and they spin fine without any shims but they wobble side to side.
  8. Hi all, I know there are tutorials locked to the top of this section of the forum but every link gives me 404 not found. So I am new to teching and I have a totally disassembled v2 gear to work on with motor. Every time I put it back together the gears won't turn. I have double bushings installed and I did shim the gearbox. I thought I might have shimmed it too tight so I removed them but before reassembling I noticed the gears are just sliding around up and down etc. So what do I do? How freely should the gears move when the guns been shimmed? Thanks
  9. Haha, It's ok I've sent it to a tech now. Believe it or not there is no local airsoft retailers near me. Closest one is over an hours drive and actually works out more expensive in petrol then just to post it. I do really appreciate your help though and I'm sure I'll be back at some point after totally f*cking something else up
  10. Upselling isn't he really. I'm looking for a tech to do it who's not going to take the Mick.
  11. I found a new a&k 2.5 for 55 delivered. And the site tech I've talked to seems to just increasing the price wanting to put a ascu mosfet in that's 70 pounds just there. With repairs as well that's easy going to be over 100 pounds
  12. Just checked all the gear teeth and the motor and they all look fine no chips or missing teeth.
  13. I take no offence at all. As the gun didn't work to begin with my mate gave me it to learn on as when if comes to gearbox I am a total noob. It's funny you mention a tech as talking to my two main site techs at the moment getting quotes haha. Also tempted to just buy a new complete gearbox and drop it in
  14. When I took the case off the piston jumped back into place. I took a photo so you can see where everything was when it stopped. As you can see the gear that engaged with the piston only went half way around resulting inthe piston not releasing I'm guessing.
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