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    Hellohere is my tm sai g17, included in the sale is:-AW glock drum mag( huge gas capacity perfect for all weather-2x tm mags(with o ring in the fill valve to stop leaking when filling) 1x we metal mag and a we plastic mag-tm standard blow back unit with Poseidon piston head-4x nine ball gas routers-Poseidon icr breaker nozzle valve(for tm nozzles)-assorted spares including hammer springs a trigger bar and pins/springs-Guarder threaded outer barrel with 6.01 ra tech steel barrel-guarder alluminum slide( not in the pic)- glock stock, works ok but doesn't for with the AW mag -kriss glock kit which woukd make a great carbine with the stock and threaded barrel( would work really well with 50 round mags)originally the pistol had a tm bbu and nozzle, but the nozzle broke on game Day and the only spares I had where WE nozzles. So here is a list of what is inside the pistol as lists are easier lol:-UAC lightweight blow back unit for we glock -WE nozzle with agm anti icer nozzle valve -guarder steel outer barrel -guarder hop unit with maple leaf 60°bucking(yellow) and standard we barrel -guarder steel guide rod and recoil spring-guarder steel trigger group and chasis with we hammer spring( guarder hammer springs included in spares)If you want to use a tm nozzle for the nine ball routers you can purchase one off eagle 6 for around £26. Alternatively( and probably better) you can get a uac ally nozzle that will work for both types of gas routers. The tm nozzle need to be used with the tm bbu unit as the diameter of the tm nozzle is a little smaller than the we nozzles. As it stands 2 of the magazines have mine ball routers in so if you want to stick with the we system I recommend picking up a couple of we or armourer works gas routers. Personally the we system is a bit cheaper and parts are everywhere.I have replaced the guarder hammer spring with a we one(which was a recommendation from a few glock owners) because the hammer is a little weaker( but by know means actually weak) meaning the slide racks over the hammer a bit easier which does have a difference in terms of how fast the slide reciprocates and the gas effeciency( with the AW drum mag it does not matter as it's soo big).I would only load the drum mag with nuprol 2.0 or maybe 3.0, the black gas basically has the same effect as c02 with the huge gas resovoir inside the mag and it would most likely start damaging internals and nozzle return springs. If your nozzle return springs should brake I have the dimensions of the springs so you can source them alot cheaper on a spring specialist site or ebay rather than sourcing them from an airsoft retailer.The bad points are as follows:-the slide has a little chip infront of the bbu(shown in the picture), it does not affect performance as I can provide a video of it firing over whatsapp, if anything it makes the slide a little lighter which should help with gas effeciency lol-there are signs of where on the bbu, hop unit and trigger, which is a flat trigger and looks amazing.-There are marks on the inside of the slide where it reciprocates on the rails of the lower reciever and are just where the slide is wearing in, this slide is rather new other than it shoots great, looks great and is great, the range and accuracy in this thing is pretty amazing with the maple leaf hop and key(forgot to add to the internals list).fps wise it does depend on the gas, with the longer inner barrel with the threaded outer using a standard metal mag and black gas it was hitting 345-350. Nuprol 2 was hitting consistently at around the 320 mark. This was measured at imperium last month so it was a bit colder than it is now.the reason for the sale is that I need parts for my mp9( as I love it a bit more than this lol) and want to spend a bit extra on wii tech steel parts as stock kwa parts are a bit garbage aswell as wanting a tnt apsx barrel system for it as they are amazing.for this reason I am not looking for swaps. If you want to know anything more or want any more pictures please askthe price I am after is £450 for everything, I am open to offers many thanks Seb



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    Hello I am selling my Kar98k as I am not using it a great deal The rifle has been skirmishes 3 times and the wood stock has a few scratches and a couple of bb dents from some lucky direct hits. The bolt and hop chamber do have wear marks. The rifle has been upgraded,the bolt houses a custom extended nozzle which better fits the hop rubber resulting in more consistent fps even in very cold weather A Spartan doctrine hop unit has been installed along with a maple leaf rubber making this rifle extremely accurate especially so with a pdi 6.01 inner barrel( I would recommend nothing less than 0.4g bb's for good accuracy at longer ranges). All the metal has been rubbed down and blued ( as much as you can with pot metal) to give it a more authentic finish, leaps and bounds better than the standard look of the tanakas. The rifle is absolutely solid and the action is as smooth as butter making you able to fire of rounds quite quickly, being gas the length you need to pull the bolt back to chamber the next bb is tiny which also helps with speed. The rifle will come with the following: 4 Gas tight magazines A 1943 dated leather sling(alot better than the original) A canvas action cover I have made some brass restrictors to be fitted underneath the seal in the bolt to reduce the fps, at a game day with 3°c I was getting 470 without any restriction but as the temperature increases so will the fps. Bare in mind the magazine was absolutely freezing and was a very cold day but it still was able to produce this fps constantly. I also have the original box and manual I have had many comments on how good this rifle looks and it does not dissapoint! I am looking for £350 plus postage I am also open to swaps/splits as said before mostly for a mk23 package, asg or tm or both lol Cheers Seb


  3. Hi thanks for the reply, i have managed to get the 30 rnd mag working now, may have been down to the fact i did not put enough force into shoving the mag in the weapon. However the mag bolt catch does not work when i am out of rounds, even with the 20 rnd mag. Any fixes?
  4. Hi there guys. I am having problems using 30 round WE gen 2 mags on my m16. To get the mags in the rifle i have to use some force and even then if the rifle is already previously cocked the hammer will not strike the release valve on the magazine. If i lock the bolt back I can fit the magazine in the rifle with ease, however if i release the bolt it can sometimes knock the magazine out of the rifle. I was asking to see if anyone else is having this problem and if there is any where to fix it. Cheers
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