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  1. Well, i think the guns were worth over 1k and it wont be that much to do a civil claim. I dont know how they can let him forfit them even though they belonged to me, surely they confirmed they were my guns then let him forfit them, doesn't make sense.
  2. Just an update. I think my dad signed a forfeiture, even though he doesn't own the guns. Looks like the police followed the rules and my guns are gone for good, Im going to now sue my fad for the value of the guns. Since i cannot get new ones im going to sue him for £45million hahaha. No seriously, £5million.
  3. Yeah, as if the people you dont want to have guns would ever give them up. Why would anyone even give up an airsoft gun, totally legal
  4. I would happily risk a kicking myself to come to the aid of a copper who is getting beat on.
  5. Tell me about it. I will get pulled over 500 times a year. Last thing i want is trouble, ive always said, if the police are good guys, i will have nothing but respect for them.
  6. Whats funny is the cops say, some of these guns were bb guns, as if to say some were air riffles or such or even real. They were ALL. Plastic pelet electric guns. If i ever get them back i will post a twitter on their feed saying look what gmp just gave me, but them again, i domt want to push my luck and piss them off
  7. Yeah mike, im hoping, the twitter picture is all mine, the amnesty photo is everything they seized. I bought the guns before that act came into force, i think the day before lol. I had them sent from america. I hope the amnesty photo guns arnt mine, where are the boxes. Those boxes were mint before they were first seized. I value my guns as much as anyone would. I am just so gutted. I hope i can get them back, otherwise i will sue them for it. I have spent years wanting to get into airsoft but my heal didnt allow it. Ive been ok for awhile and was very keen to start airsofting. It just looks like so much fun.
  8. Yeah mike, i get why they seized them, but i dont think they will push to connect them to the weed, but i really think they have jumped the gun and put them in that photo. The shotgun, 2 m16 and the mp90 in the back left of the photo. And for the record, im not a dealer or dodgy guy, im a nice guy who hasnt been in trouble, only growing so i dont have to go to dodgy dealers. The police cant say im dangerous guy connected to criminals, hence why they would be able to keep the guns
  9. Um, considering they have them tags still on from 08 and i bought them with cc which i dont have anymore, i guess i will believed i bought them before the ban. Its the reason i got them, because of the ban. I get what your saying about it being clear i can own them, but not much else, i.e sell, buy and all.
  10. The red tags in the picture, was from 08 when they stormed my house looking for guns, they thought they found real guns, but they didnt. They tested them, banged up the boxes, broke a few accesories, but gave them back.
  11. Netter picture. I have another riffle with a different barrel in a box not seen. I am pretty sure my guns are in that amnesty photo. They had no right to take them without returning them. I was about to get involved with airsoft to. Im so gutted
  12. Ive added a photo of their twitter feed. Its a snapshot. I will hunt down their full picture so better detail
  13. Thanks monkey nuts, i think they were seized because they were trying to say that i was using them to protect my weed grow. They said this in interview. I dont know how to post a picture, on their twitter feed after i was arrested they posted a picture of my guns, and in that m,e,n picture i saw 2 of my m16 type guns, a plastic crappy shotgun toy and a mp90 like from stargate.
  14. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/greater-manchester-police-gun-amnesty-7575392 This story. All the obvious bb guns. I am sure they are mine.
  15. So just to clarify. If i dont airsoft, can i still own guns that are immitation looking, i.e not 2 tone. Thanks. The police seized them and without any say from me have added them to their gun amnesty photos. If you go on the m.e.n website. The gun amnesty story. The picture of all the guns. The bb guns are mine. Do they have any right to dispose of them.
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