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  1. People say that building a decent sniper costs a fortune, It doesn't. JG BAR 10 100 SHS sears 10 Action Amry Hop chamber 35 Action Army bucking 3 Action Army barrel 30 R-HOP + M-NUB + Install kit 30 Mods 10 There, if you install everything right and use 0.40g bb's - it will peform or even out peform full Laylax or PDI builds. If you want a sniper that works out of the box, the Marui is a better option.
  2. Yeah, I have made some plans to build a custom one of these at a fraction of a the price.
  3. Ok thats fine, if you want to go all out here is what you want to buy: Orga Magnus 6.23 inner barrel HSA ER HOP + EM NUB (get a good tech to install these) (Use 0.36-43g BB's) Promithius perfect hop chamber Promithius hard bucking Speed trigger HSA barrel stabilising kit Polarstar red nossle Redline airsoft poppet shim set. This guy knows what he is doing, have a look at his build:
  4. Hey, I feel building a polarstar DMR would be a bit of a waste of money, but I am all for a HPA setup. There is a polish site called mancraft offering a semi auto HPA system for about £160. From what I have seen this is as consitant as a polarstar (amped airsoft video on youtube I think), just with the right regulator and is dead silent too. If you are looking for a DMR base then I would definatly recommend the A&K SR25 - a great body to build from. A tip would be to look at some polish sites to find it as last time I saw you could get it for £160. Combined with a scope, and harris type bipod you have the externals done. Another plus is the rails as they allow you to lock down the outer barrel. It is the gun used in this thread: http://www.airsoftsniperforum.com/43-longrange-aegs/892-holy-grail-building-your-dmr-aeg.html Once you have got the A&K SR25 and installed the mancraft engine, you only have the hop system left to go. Firstly, you don't need to spend a fortune for a great hop unit, I would recomend the lonex. Seondly the bucking, again I would go for the lonex 70d bucking as in my opinion it does the job better than any other bucking. Now this is were it gets complicated, you could go full out with ER hop's, LBR mod and PDI barrels, but in the most part these are for those who are trying to squeeze every liitle bit of peformance out of there DMR and are very difficult to install, however the peformance is phenominal (e.g. headshots at 300ft +). You proberbly don't want to go down this road. What I would reccomend is a Promithius 6.20 inner barrel, it uses an extend flat hop hop system and an wide bore, it is also relitivly cost effective (don't use the bucking it comes with, just flat hop the lonex). A HSA barrel stabilising kit, very easy to install drop in upgrade and EM nub for the flat hop. This would result in great peformance, with only very easy modifications needed and the build is quite cheap, this is an estimated build total: Mancraft HPA system £160 A&K SR25 £150 Lonex chamber and bucking £20 Promithius 6.20 barrel £35 HSA EM nub and BSK £20 Nuprol 0.43g BB's - watch out you will get insane joule creep. Total: £400 - The price of a polarstar engine. Of course you need a reg and tank - for this I recomend a ninja SPL tank and a ninja regulator (import these from america) Also if you wanted to go down the route which involves heavy modding, contact me as I can do all of it. Hope this helps, Charlie.
  5. I am wondering what you guys use as tactical flashlights and also how you use them, I am looking to buy one with a buget of around £50. I am looking for a "blinding" flashlight to use at very close range in pitch black. I will aslo want to hook it up to my trigger. Please advise me in the right direction. Thanks.
  6. I went to epsom, all very friendly there and had a great first skirmish!
  7. Thanks that helps alot.
  8. I am going to buy the g&g combat machine fire hawk and it requiers a LiPO battery. Now I have been looking at chargers and they all seem quite expensive (the decent looking ones anyway) so I was wondering if I could use this charger: http://www.amazon.co.uk/iMAX-B6-LiPro-Balance-Charger/dp/B004A6QEJ6 which I already have for my RC stuff. I noticed it only says up to 6 cells for the lipos and I am wondering if it would work with this battery: http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=8101. Also anyway of checking if the battery will acturally fit in the gun? Many thanks.
  9. I currently have a SRC G36C GEN 2. My G36 gearbox is in peices, and I am annoyed because I can not but it back together due to one small part missing, but to think on the bright side as this is a great time for a gun upgrade! But I don't want to have all those G36 externals, motor and mags lying around with no use so I was thinking I could rebuild the gun with better parts, this is what I am thinking so far: Tightbore Barrel, I think this would have to be around 260mm as that is what I measured my current barrel. A new SRC gen 3 gearbox (An upgrade from my current Gen 2), but I would downgrade the spring from a m110 to say a m90? So I could take it to my CQB site. I am not sure about any other internal upgrades as I am quite inexperanced with this stuff, but please can you let me know if you think of anything. My aim is for the gun to shoot 330 - 340 FPS. Thanks a lot.
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