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  1. I like ti Amoeba hand guard and flash hider. but any recommendations for where to buy Scar?
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking for a new gun. With £200 budget, I ultimately want an M4, or something which will use M4 magazines. A rifle that will stand out from other M4s and will preform well straight out of the box. I would like it to have good range and accuracy over a high ROF because I play in an out door woodland site. The £200 will have to cover the gun only, magazines and batteries are not a problem. has anyone got any suggestions as to what to consider and where to buy from. I am currently looking at two - Ares Amoeba AM 009 and DYTAC Invader MK18- any reviews,comment on these two or other suggestions,that meet the criteria,would be greatly appreciated. 1) around £200 +/- £20 2) Good out of the box performance- snappy trigger response. Not to worried about ROF but higher than about 10 rps would be nice. 3) Has an M4 high or mid cap magazine. 4) Would like it to stand out from the regular M4 or M4A1 look. That is all. Thanks guys. (PS I will not buy second hand, so please don't make any offers thank you)
  3. Cheers guys I will looks at The GHK G5, thanks for all your help!
  4. I am looking to buy a GBB rifle. What are some of the best rifles, for gas effiecency mag availability and cost etc. within a £180-£250 budget. Cheers Sam
  5. Yeah we have radio contact! Ok that's great thanks guys!
  6. Just to add to what I said before, I have a mate who is willing to be my medium range support. He has a cm16 by g&g. Has this worked for anyone else? I
  7. I'm looking at buying a sniper to play at my local site. I have looked around and seen a few but I'm not sure whats best, in areas such as effective range , accuracy at range, upgrade-ability and such. Also I'm wondering if there is any woodland sniper players who could suggest some load-outs(I already have a KJW G23, so no need to discuss pistols)kit, what you carry for a continuos game, and how you would carry it, please discuss pros and cons to a Ghillie in a dense woodland environment. Any input would be appreciated, please don't comment if you don't have any idea what your talking about. Thanks Guys, and Girls. P.s I play at Ground Zero Woodland, they do the National Airsoft event there, if you have been you would understand the terrain. Sam.
  8. I need a spring that will give my gun an FPS of around 320, this means I can play at my local CQB centre. what should it be , M90 M100 ext??
  9. Coukd anyone help. I have an G&G UMG as the title suggests, and I need to buy some more mags. The G&G ones are expensive does anyone know any cheaper hi-cap mags that will work with this gun?
  10. For this year what should i do about battery Charging?
  11. OK. thank you! That would go nicely with my G&G UMG!
  12. Hello! I have been into airsoft about 2 months and am now looking for a nice electric Pistol! i have around £80 maybe stretch to £90. any recommendations?
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