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  1. I'm guessing by the way you've worded it you're player 2
  2. Wow!!!!! 6000 in 5 hours? That's some going. My local site is a woodland skirmish with a village area but were only allowed to go semi auto fire and out in the woodland area its full auto and I would guess I've gone through like 2000 in approximately the same time so I guess it depends on site rules as to whether you can just go full auto regardless
  3. I think there’s always going to be people that have good and bad experiences with buying anything you’ll always have people with good and bad experiences you just tend to hear about the bad ones more. Yeah I think for the time being with me only being relatively new it’s wise to stick my trust M4A1 and I’m having too much fun with it for now but I think long term the goal is to go down the sniper/DMR route. I appreciate the offer though
  4. Yeah I can see why it is appealing and I’m not go into lie having watched his videos I was also starting to seriously think of buying it myself but things like this are worth thinking about
  5. Wow!!!! That’s shocking customer service and I must say this is one of the things that puts me off slightly that I would be buying from what would appear his website as opposed to reputable company/website. Thanks for the reply Prisce, this is what I was wondering having watched Kicking Mustang doing a review of a stock SSG24 and comparing it to his upgraded VSR-10, with upgrades can a similar bolt action but just as effective if not more for a similar cost (bearing in mind at the time of this review the SSG was retailing for near £700) I live in Thornaby just outside of Middlesbrough and I appreciate the offer, thanks.
  6. Yeah I see what you're saying the content is all very similar, I do enjoy the Novritsch stuff but mainly as his game play is aggressive as opposed to the KM stuff but I'll have to look at this Node as I've never seen any of their stuff
  7. Hahahahahaha yes I too have also had my cheek on the end of a BB from a sniper rifle all be it a Marui VSR-10, still not sure how it managed to get threw the millimeter gap between my goggles and face mask but it didn't tickle. That's what I'm seeing with the reviews online that out of the box its a really good gun and it does look the business and hopefully I'll get to try it before I consider buying it but a lot more research is needed but there's lot of options that I'm looking at, with that being one of them
  8. Ideally that would be the route I would like to go down and I think maybe more research is needed as everything I've read so far is talk of bolt action rifles being superior in terms of range. There are a few DMR builds that I do like the look and sound of, I also think at some point I'll go bolt action as well just for variety for different sites but a DMR build really is the thing I want with plenty of upgrades and attachments
  9. Yeah I have seen him too, they both seem to be your typical sniper, ghillied up, minimal movement, very stalky like (in a good sense) and I do think once I have more experience that I will go down that route although I do very much like the idea of a DMR, maybe not the range of a bolt action rifle but more firepower and I do like the look of some M4 style rifles that have been used as a DMR builds
  10. Thanks I have seen a few Kicking Mustang vids on YouTube and he seems to be very happy with the Silver back SRS and that is also something I've been looking at. I think it will be a long way off before I looking to go down the full bolt action sniper route as I'm having way too much fun running around with my G&G M4
  11. Hi Guys and Gals, Has anyone had any experience with the Novritsch SSG24? If so, what are peoples thoughts on it? Do they feel that its value for money or are there better bolt action rifles out there that with a few tweaks and upgrades are on the same or higher level?
  12. Haha that's the one thing that I'm starting to realize that this is going to be a hobby that is a drain on the finances but something I think will be worth it in terms of fun. The M4 I used on Sunday to me was really good, and something I had great fun with and the upgrades and attachments seem endless, I was also pointed in the direction of a website called "Pre-Fired" which having a look on there seems like there are RIF's to be bought at a cheaper price and some that have already been upgraded, so once I have the licence it is something I will be looking at for sure. I'm not sure how the CQB M4 would work in terms of my local site as its mainly forest areas although there is a section known as the Village which I think the CQB version would be perfect so I'm definitely going to look at all possibilities. I see what you mean Rogerborg as I don't know what type of battery was in the one I used on Sunday but by around 12noon it needed replacing although that could have been by exuberance in shooting a lot. Warlord - Yeah that's the one thing I was told on Sunday was to keep an open mind with regards to weapons, clothing, etc!!! so this is all information I will be taking on board before choosing a style and weapon type to run with
  13. So on Sunday I went to my first skirmish and have to say I'm hooked, really good fun, friendly site, friendly and helpful people. I was also torn on what weapon to buy as my first RIF but Sunday has confirmed what a lot of people have told me, which is you cant go wrong with a M4 Carbine AEG. The ones we used on Sunday were Classic Army M4's, what are people's experiences with Classic Army as a brand?
  14. They do have a website just not much info with regards to new players so I think I will give them a ring or drop them an email so see what they provide with the fee. Thanks for the help
  15. So I'm due to play my very first Airsoft game up in the North East which has been a long time coming and I'm taking along a few work friends who seem really interested in the idea and keep asking questions, which sadly I don't have the answers to, so I thought i'd bring it to the experienced players. Does it vary from skirmish to skirmish what equipment you're provided with? i.e. i have friends who will be turning up in old tracksuit bottoms and hoodies and they're wondering how they will carry the magazines etc? I myself will be wearing mid top walking boots along with Army issue camo trousers and Ubacs T-Shirt courtesy of my brother-in-law who spent 22 years in the Army but what about chest rigs or tatical vests, are these provided or not? Thanks for the help
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