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  1. So just do the barrel then maybe leave it? Would you say the vfc hk416 is a good gun?
  2. I guess a combination of accuracy, consistency and range? Just wondering what else there is to do?
  3. Hey guys, Bought a VFC HK416 a few mo the back and it's a lovely gun but decided to make a few upgrades which pro airsoft supplies kindly facilitated! Had the hop changed, new gears plus shimming and also a new motor? I'm quite impressed with the trigger reaponse now and a little better range and accuracy but what else can be done now to improve even more? I know the barrel can be but is that going to make much difference? Thanks Jon
  4. reply to my messahes

  5. Hey guys, Just bought a we holo 883 sight and it doesn't work? Am I missing something? The batteries are in and the latch goes does it just doesn't light up? Or is it just screwed? Cheers Jon
  6. Hey guys, Where do you buy your BBs and what brand? Cheers Jon
  7. Hey guys, Are these glasses below airsoft safe? http://www.thesafetysupplycompany.co.uk/p/8501707/bolle---tracker-ii-safety-goggles-with-prescription-ready-rx-insert---shaded-anti-scratch-anti-fog-lenses---en172-and-en1661ft-or-en1661b34-with-strap---bo-tracpsf-rx.html#.VBdXZ9m9LCS Cheers Jon
  8. Either or, just something that is comfortable and fits over my glasses?
  9. Hey guys, I'm after goggles that fit well and are comfortable over glasses, appreciate your help! Thanks, Jon
  10. So basically go for the eotech one which is cheaper as they are basically the same?
  11. Hey guys, I'm new to airsoft and after a holographic sight? Are these any good? I've just bought a vfc hk416 CQB and it's awesome and the iron sights are pretty good too so still debating the holographic sight and whether it's worth it? Do I go for a G&P 553 or a cheap Chinese copy like the eotech 553? Cheers, Jon
  12. Hey guys, Im new to airsoft and had my first game two weeks ago as a rental and it was awesome to say the least. I've decided its definitely something i want to take up and have been looking at looks of different guns and seem to be taken by the VFC Umarex HK416. Has anyone on here got this gun and what do people think about it for the price? Cheers, Jon
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