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    2. two_zero


      There was NO OVERVOILENCE WHAT SO EVER in this video (except possibly from the suspect).


      If someone pulls a gun on you, there's no time to mess around with a taser, and in any case, what if they first and only shot would have missed? Shot too many times? I think not!! Once he stopped moving he stopped shooting. The not firing the gun here is a much higher priority than the suspects life.


      Also, if you (an adult) brandish something that *clearly* resembles a gu...

    3. two_zero


      ...a gun in public, you should expect to get shot. ESPECIALLY in front of police or military.


      Also, keep in mind (most) airsofts are design specifically to look as similar to a gun as possibly. There can be not blame on anyone for misidentify them.

    4. ak2m4


      I'd say one thing, the male cop response time was pretty good considering he was doing the restraining, notice how the lady cop pulled out the taser first by mistake...

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