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  1. tavor x95?

    1. Josh95


      only airsoft version I can find is a dubious cheapo umarex one

  2. who has the most 'days won' I only have one, two years ago! interesting feature 

    1. Josh95


      i think its ian 

    2. GiantKiwi


      Nope, it's Jcheeseright by a slight margin

  3. Hi admins, my PM system is broken i cannot receive messages. And thus potential offers for stuff I'm selling cannot be answered. Please help me out thanks

    1. Josh95


      If you want to buy any of my stuff email me here :[email protected]


    2. SeniorSpaz87


      is your inbox full?...

    3. proffrink


      Your inbox is probably full like Spaz says.

    1. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      F*ck me - still looks tidier than the wife's car she takes the kids around in - even with the blown out window. Wow seriously a lesson to learn and not forget chaps

    2. CES_williamson


      could it be due to the hot weather and an inclosed car cooking the bottle?

  4. i just ordered something on airsoftzone, it clicked paypal/credit card. then it completed my order i didn't pay or anything. happened to anyone else? the ordered it confirmed but i don't think I've paid anything weird

    1. Josh95


      order is*

    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      sometimes sites paypal link goes all crappy - I have had more issues like you describe if I click on a paypal express button, now choosing to click normal paypal over paypal express

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      check ya email addy for confirmation - sometimes it can take 15 mins to 30 mins for payment confirmed email to come through to ya email

  5. has anyone ordered magazines from China or the US, is that allowed and how long did it take to get to you?

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    2. Josh95




    3. proffrink


      Agree with Josh. Plus you can just load them with 30 BBs instead of 120 - nothing to stop you from doing that. Remember, midcaps don't rattle - only highcaps do (if that was your worry).

    4. B.S


      Ah, very good point, Midcaps it is then. I think the G&G ones are 160? could be 180, not sure.

      The main reason I wanted to go for something lower is it forces you to be a better player, Think more outside the Box, and gives your pistol more of a point.

  6. any one got some spare metal m4 mags laying around? I could possible nab? cheers....the elusive hunt for metal m4 mags continues....(that don't cost a fortune)

    1. Josh95


      mid cap, i forgot to mention

  7. are metal mid cap stanag mags gold dust or something? I can't find any brand of them in stock anywhere in the country and poland

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    2. Mack


      Thats just the first page of google search ;)

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      cyma's are quite good - they also do a longer 190 midcap but harder to find but 3 for £30 on fleabay from Hong Kong

    4. Josh95


      okay fair enough mack, i must be blind. will admit i didn't look on patrol base

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    2. Josh95


      need to be multicam, so when you're marching through the highlands playing the bagpipes no one can see you coming and run away

    3. Aengus


      Don't think nukticam works too well in the highlands. Doesn't even work in central Scottish countryside can see them on excersises from a literal mile away.

    4. Aengus




      Autocorrect what you on http://i.imgur.com/fDgVsgf.jpeg


  8. Hi again guys, haven't been on here in ages. Hopefully getting back into airsoft over the summer months. :)

    1. team flex

      team flex

      same here ahaha


  9. any1 with a leak free we m9 mag, hit me up

  10. has any1 posted a li battery before, i tried to but they said its a banned object. any tips to get around this?

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      might have to be a small parcel via royal mail - over 2.5cm thick on large letter = small parcel. As you will need a bit of packing to protect it

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      small parcel may start at £3:90 2nd class recorded to track it and see it arrives ok. could use cheaper posting and less packing

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      but if lipo - they do make quite a sight if punctured - sod guy fawkes night

  11. hi mods please dont remove me posts with no pictures, im having some issues extracting them from my source. They will be up at some point no worries no worries \o/

  12. battlefront beta thoughts :)

    1. Lozart


      It's Star Wars. It could be the biggest pile of bantha pudu and I'll still love it. Now all they need to do is remake X Wing vs TIE Fighter and I will be happy.

    2. Josh95


      I played it for about an hour, it seems quite fun. the graphics are really nice. did g et a bit repetitive but, I guess its only the beta not soo much to do

  13. any one know much about bikes? I got a Giant Defy 1 2013. given to me by someone for a debt. he said its worth £1000 new. whats it worth

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    2. joshcowin


      I have just bought a pair of hope v4's

    3. Josh95


      some one going to buy it for £500 :)

    4. BBrotherwood


      Lol, well done on fleecing them then xD their loss at the end of the day.

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    2. two_zero


      There was NO OVERVOILENCE WHAT SO EVER in this video (except possibly from the suspect).


      If someone pulls a gun on you, there's no time to mess around with a taser, and in any case, what if they first and only shot would have missed? Shot too many times? I think not!! Once he stopped moving he stopped shooting. The not firing the gun here is a much higher priority than the suspects life.


      Also, if you (an adult) brandish something that *clearly* resembles a gu...

    3. two_zero


      ...a gun in public, you should expect to get shot. ESPECIALLY in front of police or military.


      Also, keep in mind (most) airsofts are design specifically to look as similar to a gun as possibly. There can be not blame on anyone for misidentify them.

    4. ak2m4


      I'd say one thing, the male cop response time was pretty good considering he was doing the restraining, notice how the lady cop pulled out the taser first by mistake...

  14. has anyone redeem a warranty with Taiwan gun?

  15. do you think this is Okay? I was sneaking around the flanks today, and i came across a group of the enemy team. I picked of one guy when the other were not looking. then he proceeded to shout "oi there is a blue over there get him" and pointed to me (after being hit). really f*cked me off.

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    2. Airsoft_Mr B
    3. Albiscuit


      I shoot dead men who talk.... when I get an "Oi, Im HIT" I tell em "Deadn men dont talk" :P majorly frustrating


    4. Colonel Kurtz

      Colonel Kurtz

      agree def 2nd worst crime against airsoft. rarely encounter people dishing out the info, but every-time be someone cowering behind a doorway who'll ask what's going on the other side.


      told them 'it's clear' a couple times (but only when it very much isn't, then i can cackle my way back to the safe-zone)

  16. what time does the first game start at the mall? and do i need to book?

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    2. Colonel Kurtz

      Colonel Kurtz

      if you don't mind paying for a game you'll miss then send them an email and ask if it's ok to turn up late, they wont mind but good manners as it means someone will have to give you the safety briefing solo (in a dark room tied to a chair)

    3. Colonel Kurtz

      Colonel Kurtz

      usually 6 games a day and you'd prob only miss the first 'zombie/infection' warm-up game if 10am was when you can get there

    4. ImTriggerHappy


      You could always travel up the evening before. I think they have a deal with the local hotel for cheap rooms. Email them and ask if they still do it.

  17. spent a good hour trying to calibrate my red dot to the g5, turns out "up" actually means down (stupid Chinese red dots)

  18. has any1, traveled to a game on a motorbike? how did u carry yr gun?

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    2. Tad


      Just get some decent saddlebags. All gear should fit in them.

    3. Lozart


      If you get too hot on your motorbike....you're not going fast enough.

    4. Josh95


      I normally wear an armored jacket anyway so im used to being a bit hot, and lozart is correct. at 60mph the air is cold

  19. So some £8 mesh goggles just arrived, i decided to shoot them with my 420fps JG Bar from about 1-2m away and they literally snapped in half will post a picture later!

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    2. TacMaster


      The fragments that go through mesh in the worst case scenario are usually too small to do anything to your eyes, except irritate them like flying sand and grit does. The worst injuries I've seen are where the victim has been using cheap polycarbonate lensed shooting glasses/goggles, and a BB has smashed a ragged hole through a lens.

    3. cropzy


      I got some revision bullet ant's brand new for free. They can take a r/s shotgun blast from 5 meters away.


      They are the best eyepro I have ever used.

    4. Monty


      I have some aswell, excellent glasses.

  20. wrapped my vsr in camo tape, looks really impressive!

  21. I mounted my scope for my vsr on my g33. it looks quite cool i might use it this sunday lol

    1. Snakeeyes75


      I was thinking the other day that it's cheaper to use my sniper scope at the 4x setting than to buy a specific AEG scope.

  22. stuff from Taiwan gun came in 3 days very impressed

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    2. Josh95


      yeah u can track it too if you want to, they give you the packet number

    3. NickM


      My mags arrived today, well packaged and in perfect working order. Gassed up and tested, they are better than either of the original mag or the two other ones I had bought from a uk supplier. Very happy. I have the desire to buy another pistol and they are by far the cheapest place. Pistol and 2 more spare mags and delivery for the cost of just the gun in the uk.

    4. Josh95


      yeah, i will be buying from them again. theyre soo cheap and very good service