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  1. I second that airsoftzone is the best one in essex. I have been to some of the other ones but they are the most friendly by far. And always ready to help you out. They set up a stall on game days at dragons lair and always help if you have any problems during the day.
  2. After reading all this on Saturday I decided to give it a miss. It would have been over 2hours to get there and just not worth it. Shame really as I wanted to get some bits and thought this would have been a good time to do it.
  3. Yeah same here I will pop up sunday for a look around and see whats on offer. Its a day out and im sure there will be something to see there.
  4. Hi all Not seen a thread about it so just thought I would bring it up so that people dont miss it. Its a two day show and looks to be a good one. For more info look at the website airsoftexpo.co.uk its at Leamington Spa I will be going to see what other bits I can get.
  5. Most places are minimum age of 12 but my son is 11 and the only site that will let him play is dragons lair in Brentwood. But only has till 1st of December to wait and then can go to most sites.
  6. This is my ICS CXP 08 concept with some little tweaks.
  7. I was at a game last sunday and a guy next to me had one. Its a very nice gun and I am going to airsoftzone next week to have a look at it for my son. I have an ICS and love it its never let me down.
  8. I had one on sunday and my legs have only just come back to life. Feels like I pulled ever muscle in my legs. But great fun.
  9. I have nothing but good things to say about airsoftzone they are the best shop I have used. I took my ICS there to have my FPS checked for a site and they checked it for me and looked the gun over for me free of charge. And then when I bought some bits went and fitted them for me while I had the gun there. I have now done my ukara and they where so helpful getting it on the system and sent me an email when it was completed. Really recommend them to anyone.
  10. My gun is an ICS cxp o8 and it was great at the weekend worked brilliant all day. I was shocked how many players commented on it and tried it. Had some very good feedback on it. As said the rental guns to get abused. First thing I did when I got home was strip it down and clean and re lubricate it.
  11. I was going to Billericay for the boot camp but ended up at dragons lair in Brentwood. As my son can play there so I rented him a gun and away we went. It was brilliant all the staff are family and very friendly they see we had not dont it before so took the time to go through it all. The other players were very friendly helping wherever they could. The gun was a very nice m4 and he only had one problem all day and that was the battery ran out half way through a game. The Marshall took it out changed the battery and he was back in within seconds. Cant wait to get back there.
  12. I went there for the first time wednesday. Im going to play over dragons lair and they set a shop up over there so thought I would pop in to get my new aeg chrono just to make sure it was ok for sunday. They tested it and it was well in so that was great. I then picked up some other bits while I was there and they even fitted them and set up the gun for me. I cant recommend this place enough. Great people very helpful no matter if your spending £5 or £500 they will take the time to sort you out.
  13. No if you have your own kit you can just turn up and pay the walk on fee of £17 then its £15 each time after. But if you need to rent you will need to get booked in asap. I have all mine as I dont like renting but thats just me.
  14. Hi mate I am also going to Skirmish Billericay on the 10th for my first time. I went a while back and they took me round. There is also another site in Billericay called Airsoft plantation AP that looks like a good site as well.
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