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  1. Hi Pure Silver. Yeah I think your right, so I'm almost certain (thanks to this thread) I'm going for the Firehawk. Good in all weather, high capacity mags, reliable, electric. But also uneek enough to be different. I'll go two tone ... I'll spray once I have a membership. I used to spray for a living and as my hobby as a wargamer so I can spray very well. Not sure if I can get a licence, it's over a year ago??? I have a thing about hire/other-people's weapons. Prefer my own. Like to upgrade, adds sing sights and stuff. Enjoy stripping it down, making sure it's clean, lubed etc Pistol wise, the experience I had with then is... If your down to your pistol, you'll be out very soon. Just nice to have more than a must. Pistol Vr Full auto ain't a pritty sight!
  2. Thanks Spoon, yeah they stock it and the mags/accessories. They have a faster ROF one... But it dosnt do semi and it has less FPS?
  3. Well, I'm thinking either get one second hand or two tone. Two tone can always be resprayed
  4. So somthing more like these? http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-m4-m15-m16-variants/g-and-g-combat-machine-firehawk-m4-stubby-black.htm#.VlY5lnggGc2 http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-g36-variants/jg-g608-g36c.htm#.VlY5onggGc1 I'm based in Durham. It's me and a mate doing this, so we might go to all different sights, not really tied to a club.
  5. I was thinking M4 for range and MP5, but the M4 is perfectly good for CQB. I suppose, the M4 is too common. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I just like somthing a little different.
  6. Hi all, I used to go to a local club but couldn't commit due to work. When I was lucky to have a day off is spend it with the other half, however, I have a new job and we don't do much weekends and my other half work nights now and often Sat night. Meaning I'm free on Sundays while she sleeps. So, I looking at getting back in! But I need help. I originally went for a KWA - Kriss Vectra. Beautiful looking gun, but the small amount of ammo, the problems with gas in cold weather, just wasn't for a beginner I think? So I'm thinking of two options, I want to know from vets that I'm doing the right thing, so that I don't screw up again! My options are: 1) MP5 - Main Weapon & Light pistol - Secondary http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/Airsoft-smg/jg-mp5k-with-ris-black.htm#.VlOEPnggGc0 I would have this as a main weapon, get a folding stock, 3-4 larger mags and silencer to give me a little more range/FPS and a red dot sight. Finally I'll get a small pistol as a hold out. But will the MP5 be decent at range as well as CQB? 2) MP5 - Secondary & Well MB10a - Main Weapon http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-sniper-rifles/well-mb10a-lightweight-sniper-rifle-black.htm#.VlSv8HggGc1 I would get the MP5 and the larger mags but leave it basic and on a strap. I would then go for a Riffle. The Well appears easy to use, I would get a decent sight/scope. Thinking of using it at range and then switch the the MP5 when up close. I was good at CQB but I don't even know if I'm a good shot? So what do you guys think?
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