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  1. I think you may be mistaken, I run my we scar at 65psi and it still shoots 350fps the standard pressure of green gas is 115psi so it is lower also with a hpa system you don't encounter the freezing mags issue so you can fire the whole mag of 450 rounds on full auto whithout any issued. Ware on guns is partly caused by ware (bolt moving ect) but it is also caused by the bolt hitting the bolt stop ect so the lower the pressure you can run the less hard the bolt will hit it and the longer in theory your gun will last. I am sorry for any misunderstood statements and I should have expanded on them at the time of posting. Thanks Henry
  2. Yeh I know what you mean but using the reg on the tank you can bring the pressure down quite a lot lower than green gas but still get between 360 and 380 so using it is a lot better for your guns life span. Thanks
  3. Hi I am nothing to do with alyan, i Build magazines to a high level sticking to the requirements of my client where as alyan just sell we magazines and is based in Portugal meaning mags can get ceased which is not a good thing when shelling out hundreds of pounds. The video i attached is a representation of the type of mag you could get but in the next week or so I will be uploading a video of my own to suit the same use. Thanks I hope that answers your questions
  4. Hi yes this is possible it would be a dual mag if that is ok. If a gas mag is provided the full conversion and addition of another magazine would be £80 with paintball quick disconnect fittings on the tube. If the mag is not provided it will be £130 for the same again. Please note you will need a co2 tank and regulator to then use this setup if you want I will give a full price for everything. Thanks Henry
  5. Hi guys I have some we hpa magazines which are new, these are very good systems which run in we gbb guns such as the scar. Would anyone we interested and if so how much would you expect to pay for them each? This is a video of the same style of mag in use This is the link to buy the mags http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/22036-hpa-hi-cap-magazine-for-gbb-guns/ Thanks
  6. I am looking at purchasing a new gun to deck out but should I buy a aeg or build an hpa using polarstar ect?
  7. I know that but silicone oil and some man hours and we will be good. To be honest this thread is not aeg vs gbbr it is mags for gbbr
  8. Yeh there is something I like about GBBR's, I will have a aeg as well I will also run it on propane which will bring the price down a lot. The main thing I want it for is milsims when I can only use 500 bbs. And they are more realistic.
  9. They are all £40 per mag I can get we m4 mags for £20
  10. hi buddy i am selling my ics m4 of which i get a consitant 330fps and a rof of 30 bb's per sec. pleases take a look it would be a good next step for you. http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/21851-ics-m4-custom/ thanks and let me know
  11. hi guys i am looking at purchasing a we g36c GBBR, the issue being that i cant get mags for it anywhere and when i can they are £50 each!!!!!! so can i use a mag adapter to use we m4 gas mags with it? mag adaptor http://www.iwholesales.co.uk/accessories/airsoft-spare-magazines/B608-1 we m4 mags http://www.iwholesales.co.uk/accessories/airsoft-spare-magazines/we-pdw we g36c http://www.iwholesales.co.uk/we-71024?filter_name=we%20g39 thanks any advice would be much appreciated
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